Corporate Massage 

Corporate Massage Days / Conferences / Events

The By Grace Massage team offer professional massages at the offices of our business clients. The massage targets mostly the tense and stressed muscles in the back and neck, and works pressure

Sore muscles from pc work

Sore muscles from pc work

points on the head.

Most back and neck tension and soreness comes from long hours in front of a pc. People generally sit with bad posture and strain forwards to see the screen.  Hours of “mousing” also causes great muscle tension through the arm and into the shoulder area.

We offer 2 kinds of Corporate Massage: Either we can do a full back and neck massage using specially formulated oils for relieving stress, whilst lying on a massage bed OR we offer a neck and shoulder massage over your clothing whilst sitting down in a low backed chair. If you are able to put aside a room for us to work from, that is the most comfortable and relaxing way to enjoy a massage in a corporate environment.

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Corporate Massage at your desk

Normally we would do a 20 to 30 minute massage, but we can do any amount of time per person, as required from 5min sessions while at a desk to 1 hour sessions on a plinth.
These massages are fantastic for your hard working staff, to maintain happy, healthy, relaxed and motivated working teams.

massage men 9

Back massage using oil & massage bed

The cost:

R550 per therapist per hour plus R250 per therapist travel fee. (Johannesburg)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Katherine on 074 100 7519  or

By Grace Massage also offer a professional service for your Conference or Event. This super relaxing treatment can be arranged around meetings, group sessions or team building events. It also allows you to cater for different people and their preferences.

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Outdoor Conference Massage

Offer your clients a quick relaxing massage while visiting your Marketing Event or Expo.