Katherine stopped my pain.

During a run in May 2016 something ‘popped’ in my left calf and I was in agony. From that day every morning I woke up the first thing I knew was the pain I had throughout my left leg.
I sought treatment from my usual physio as well as 2 other physio’s with no real improvement over the next month.
I then found By Grace Massage  via an internet search…I must be honest 3 months ago if you had suggested to me to go for a massage I would have laughed at you – but now I know better!  Much MUCH Better!
In 1 session Katherine removed my pain – the next couple of days were a bit tender but so worth it.
Since then I have seen Katherine a few times and started back running. I am now running further and faster than I was before I was injured.
I could not recommend Katherine @ By Grace Massage  more highly – if only I had know earlier!!!
“Jason Cross”


” I highly recommend the professional massages, great atmosphere & Katherine is really skilled at untying all those knots”

Elrinda Du Toit