Deep Tissue Massage

This is a massage treatment which focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles and the connective tissue. It therefore quickly alleviates chronic tension, stress and muscle pain. These forms of muscle discomfort are often found in the lower back, neck and shoulders, as well as the rest of the body.

This form of massage is highly effective for breaking down adhesions in the muscle fibres. Adhesions & knots can lead to limited movement, reduced circulation and pain. Susequently, long term harmful effects may be noted if not seen to by a professional Deep Tissue Therapist.

Deep tissue massage is ideal for those who enjoy a more intense, higher pressure massage. If you need relief from aching muscles & pinched nerves, this treatment is ideal for you.

What Deep Tissue Massage does

Professional therapy is particularly effective in softening tight and sore contracting muscles. Deep tissue massage pentrates the subcutaneous layers and helps stimulate blood flow around tendons, muscle ends and all the smaller hidden muscles lying underneath major muscle groups. Often an injury or tention in these underlying muscles can be the cause of your deep pain and discomfort. Therefore a professional treatment at By Grace Massage, can relieve these problematic areas effectivly.

Find the relief from pain and tention you’ve been looking for.