Boost Your Brain with Vitamin B

Boost your memory and brain power with these two vitamins…

Does your brain feel a bit dull at times ??
Do you remember sitting in front of the crossword puzzle each morning with a pen in one hand and a stopwatch in the other? Now, I bet you too feel like you could sometimes time yourself with a sundial. Read more…

Names, dates, appointments and even the whereabouts of our possessions slipthinking-cartoon1 into the deep recesses of cognitive decline.

But, new research confirms, there is a natural solution to keeping your mind sharp and your memories intact for years to come. And if you’re not a granny or grandpa yet, all the better to start now…

Why mainstream medicine’s approach to cognitive decline may not be the best solution…

If you go see a mainstream doctor with these complaints, there’s a good chance he’ll dash off a prescription for the same drug prescribed to children for ADHD.

But, cognitive health doesn’t have to be this traumatic…

The good news is, if you want to keep your brain sharp well into your ripe old years, you may need to look no further than these two simple B vitamins.

Two new studies from leading research institutions show that simple B vitamins may be all it takes to keep your brain tip-top for years to come.

Unless you’re dealing with extreme weakness or fatigue, you’ll probably never get your vitamin B12 levels checked. That’s a big mistake according to one of the new studies – published in Neurology. It showed that maintaining your vitamin B12 levels could help you keep many of the symptoms of cognitive decline away.

This study from Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, analysed data from 121 participants. The researchers discovered that a vitamin B12 deficiency may result in brain shrinkage and problems with thinking and reasoning.

If you’re not getting enough vitamin B12 from meat, shellfish or your supplements, you’re essentially starving your brain of this essential nutrient. And, your brain is one place in your body where you don’t want to lose weight.

The other brain boosting nutrient you need to know about…

A new international study highlighted another powerful nutrient for brain health.

It’s choline.

According to this new study by researchers from top universities in Spain, Venezuela and the UK, choline which comes from the B vitamin family could offer the same benefits as the drug prescribed for cognitive decline and ADHD.

The researchers found that choline plays a powerful role in controlling how we process and organise memories. In the study, rats given a steady diet of choline concentrated more effectively and retained memories longer.Choline can be found in chicken, eggs and beef liver.

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