This study shows how olive oil works to protect your brain…

Researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University discovered that olive oil helps neurons function better and it eases communication between neurons.
The oil also works as a brain cleanser, flushing debris and
toxins away – that would otherwise accumulate and cause

Olive Oil can protect you from Alzheimer’s…
…and keep your brain sharp!
We’ve known for a while that olive oil is the healthiest oil you can use – but a new study pinpoints its health benefits for keeping Alzheimer’s away… Take a look at the good news below…
In a mouse study, the researchers fed one group of mice with Alzheimer’s markers food enriched with extra virgin olive oil, and the other group, food without olive oil.

As the mice grew older, the researchers tested them for working memory, spatial memory, and learning ability. The results showed that the mice who were being fed the olive oil enriched food
performed significantly better on all the tests.
Autopsies also showed less signs of Alzheimer’s in the olive oil group. 
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The olive oil reduces inflammation in the brain and improves a natural
process known as autophagy… It’s how the body gets rid of ageing cells, toxins and debris – and makes room for new cells.
It also helps break down amyloid plaques and tau tangles – clusters of
proteins that clog neural pathways, and are associated with Alzheimer’s.

Olive oil is best used in its raw state – but if you do heat it, don’t overheat
it (don’t use it for frying for example) – this destroys the antioxidants in the oil.