Four amazing ways to fend off illness with lavender

Lavender isn’t just a beautiful, delightful-smelling flower – it’s also a fierce natural medicine and formidable protector! And with cold and flu season upon us, you can trust that this is one of the lavenderbest herbs you can have on hand to stave off illness.

So where do lavender’s illness-preventing properties stem from? Lavender is an exceptional natural bactericide, and also stimulates the production of white blood cells, thereby creating a robust defense through your immune system.

With the threat of flu and antibiotic-resistant superbugs that come with the chilly season, foregoing hazardous vaccinations and heading toward the lavender aisle instead is a smart choice.

Hereare four top methods for using lavender oil to help keep your body healthy and free of illness during the flu season and beyond!

1: Mix up a hand sanitizer
A hand sanitizer offers a convenient, on-the-go protection. Simply mix up one tablespoon of aloe vera gel, three tablespoons of grain alcohol and 10 drops of lavender oil in a leak-proof bottle. Use the sanitizer liberally throughout the day to fend off germs

2: Apply the oil directly
Place a few drops of therapeutic grade lavender oil directly onto your skin several times per day to ready your immune system to tackle those pesky cold bugs and flu viruses.

3: Make an antiseptic soap
Washing your hands frequently using a germicidal soap is a great way to stay germ-free! Combine 20 drops of lavender oil with 250 ml liquid soap in a mixing bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously to combine the ingredients. Transfer the soap to a dispenser and use as often as you please.

4: Shake up a disinfectant spray

Using lavender oil in the form of a disinfectant spray will help keep your environment free of breeding pathogens. Simply add 40 drops of lavender oil to a medium spray bottle and fill with two cups of water. Shake the bottle well before each use and generously spray handles, knobs, countertops and any other high traffic surfaces.


and lastly and possibly the most pleasurable way to get your fix of soothing & germ-fighting lavender is to book a Holistic Aroma Massage through Katherine @ By Grace Massage, & ask for Lavender oil. You’ll feel relaxed, rejuvenated & ready to fight off infection through the winter.

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